Workshop 2019: German Fire Protection

On 21/02/2019, the workshop "German Fire Protection" will take place in Nuremberg, as part of the FeuerTrutz Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection. The workshop is free of charge for visitors of the trade fair.

FeuerTrutz Workshop 2018 German Fire Protection
(Picture: NuernbergMesse / Heiko Stahl)

Preventive fire protection is a very important and international diversified topic – though mankind is confronted with the same physical effects and phenomena of fire and smoke. Different countries – even in Europe – have a wide range of different laws, regulations, codes and standards regarding fire prevention, the certification of building products and components etc. Numerous experts, specialists and other members of the building industry are faced with challenges relating to fire safety during all construction phases – be it known problems or new challenges due to progressive materials.

In Germany more than 20,000 experts are involved in the various fields of fire prevention measures. The market structures, laws and regulations are organized very differently in every federal state of Germany. Therefore it is already a challenge for German building professionals to act in accordance with the various laws etc. Hence it is not easy for foreign experts to get an overview of the market structures in the area of preventive fire protection in Germany.

The dialogue-oriented workshop will offer you, as an international fire protection expert, the opportunity to learn about the basics of the German fire protection market. You will become acquainted with the structures of the German fire protection market, receive information on the most important organisations in Germany and will have the opportunity to expand your expertise network in Germany.

Grad. Ing. Karl-Olaf Kaiser, a long term fire engineer, will moderate the workshop and inform you about relevant aspects, e.g.:

  • Information on Germany
  • Building law
  • Planning and approval
  • Construction products
  • Institutions and organisations


Moderation: Grad. Ing. Karl-Olaf Kaiser (Kaiser fire prevention seminars)

09:30: Rules & Regulations - Laws and standards, concepts and expectations of customers
(Karl-Olaf Kaiser)

10:00: Q&A

10:30: Requirements for the use of fire protection products in Germany - Guidance for manufacturer
(Peter Proschek, former DIBt – Head of Department Fire Behaviour of Materials)

11:00: Q&A

11:30: Certifications and Recognitions in Germany

12:00: Q&A, followed by a brief visit to the trade fair

Nuremberg Convention Center, Room Lissabon, Messezentrum, 90471 Nürnberg

Participation fee:
The workshop is free of charge for you as a visitor of the trade fair and you have the opportunity to submit questions in advance, which can then be answered and discussed during the event – or thereafter.

FeuerTrutz - International Trade Fair with Congress for Preventive Fire Protection

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