FeuerTRUTZ Network is leader in the German market for information on Preventive Fire Protection and offers a wealth of expert information surrounding this topic.

Fire Safety Publications Books

Whether in printed or electronic form, for stationary or mobile use, FeuerTRUTZ always provides practical solutions for everyday support.

FeuerTRUTZ Atlas is the standard for fire prevention measures. The detailed reference work contains the latest regulations, comprehensive planning documents and field-proven techniques.

FeuerTRUTZ also publishes a Journal for Fire Safety Experts , which offers practical tips and empirical data from renowned experts. The articles present attempts at solutions to conflicts and help the reader to avoid planning an implementation mistakes.

Furthermore there are more than 25 specialist books written by renowned experts. They provide you with information about planning, relevant laws as well as passive, active and organizational fire prevention.

FeuerTRUTZ Atlas for Preventive Fire Protection

FeuerTRUTZ Journal for Fire Safety Experts

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