FeuerTrutz Magazin: Journal for Fire Safety Experts

FeuerTrutz Journal offers expert knowledge, practical tips and empirical data from renowned fire safety experts. The FeuerTrutz Journal is published bimonthly in 6 issues per year.

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Preventive Fire protection is a planning task that requires a lot of technical knowledge. In addition, unclear legal requirements and a lot of flexibility with the achievement of the demanded protective aims complicate the work of planners.

FeuerTrutz Magazin, Journal for Fire Safety Experts, imparts practical knowledge in all areas of passive, active and organizational fire protection. It provides information on planning aids, problem solutions and insider knowledge and presents current practical projects with fire protection concepts and innovative detailed solutions. Furthermore it provides an overview of new rules as well as current regulations and guidelines.

Product reports, sample concepts, field reports and market surveys provide a quick overview of new and feasible solutions to fire protection problems. The articles by renowned experts illustrate conflict resolution methods and help the reader to avoid planning and implementation mistakes.
FeuerTrutz Journal is published in German and is intended for specialist planners, experts in constructional, system specific and organizational fire protection, building engineers, architects, fire protection representatives, and authority representatives.

FeuerTrutz Magazin is only available in German - have a look at the English Magazine "FeuerTrutz International"

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