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FeuerTRUTZ offers a wide range of expert information on preventive fire protection. Various German-language publications on passive, active and organizational fire protection offer all important expert information on planning, technique and law which are necessary for their every day projects.

FT Books

More than 25 books written by renowned fire safety experts inform architects, planners, technical experts, craftsmen and operating companies about new developments in the area of preventive fire protection. The specialist literature with a high practical value provides you with information about planning, special requirements on relevant laws as well as constructional, system specific and organizational fire protection.

Topics are for example:

  • Constructional fire protection: "Brandschutz im Detail“ (Fire safety in detail)
    Editions on ceilings, roofs and doors, gates and windows as well as dry construction and more
  • Planning: "Praxiswissen Brandschutz“ (Practical knowledge – fire safety)
    Editions on documetation, safety concepts, simulation, schools and universities and more
  • Law: Various annotations to German building laws 
    (e.g. annotations on industry buildings and other guidelines for special buildings)

Our books are available in German only. For more information see our German website .

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